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Broad-spectrum toxin to inhibit mycotoxins

Symptoms of mycotoxins as a latent hazard can affect animals not only at high levels but also at low levels, causing significant risks such as decreased function, reproduction, and increased incidence of infectious diseases.

Therefore, preventing the negative effects of mycotoxins in animals is of particular importance. With E-Guard Plus, you will have a powerful tool to eliminate harmful toxins and optimize your animal production.


Adverse effects of mycotoxins

Mycotoxins cause problems in poultry health and function such as tissue damage, central nervous system involvement, and gastrointestinal disorders.

However, impairment losses, reproductive disorders, and immunosuppression are the main concerns of mycotoxin poisoning.
In addition, endotoxins are lipopolysaccharide compounds found in the outer part of the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria that cause inflammatory reactions in the body and weaken the liver of the animal, so that mycotoxins have a synergistic effect with these toxins.

Therefore, a practical and appropriate solution to reduce the effects of mycotoxins in feed and reduce their bioavailability is to include detoxifying agents in poultry feed. According to statistics obtained in 2019, the Asian continent is facing many threats from mycotoxins; The prevalence of mycotoxins is 91%, deoxynivalenol 80%, ziralenone 72% and aflatoxin 27%.


E-Guard Plus chart

Consumption benefits
Absorption of fungal toxins

The function of the yeast wall is rich in glucomannan and processed clay minerals with high adsorption capacity and specific pore size in such a way that by selectively absorbing mycotoxins, it does not disrupt the mechanism of absorption of minerals and vitamins in the feed.

Improve herd fertility

Manganese oligosaccharide, beta-6-1 and beta-3-1 diglycans extracted enzymatically by effective and specialized uptake of ziralenone toxin as an estrogenic metabolite with estrogen-like structure, reduce the negative effects of ziralenone in poultry feed Strengthens data and fertility.

Support the organs of the body

The use of phytogenic and anti-inflammatory compounds such as silymarin, flavonolignan and taxifulin in E-Guard Plus with the ability to cleanse the liver and kidneys as organs to remove toxins in the food, are very effective.

Immune system booster

The beta-glucans in the yeast wall, by stimulating the immune system and increasing the potency of the herd against mycotoxins, prevent the attachment of pathogens to the mucosal wall of the gastrointestinal tract and improve the overall performance of the herd.

Inhibit the growth of fungi and mold

The organic acids in E-Guard Plus, by inhibiting the growth of molds and reducing the potential for toxin production, can prevent the further development of molds and fungi during food storage and thus reduce the quality of raw materials.

Reduce oxidative stress

The antioxidant compounds of E-Guard Plus increase the concentration of glutathione as a detoxifying agent by preventing the activity of peroxidase enzymes caused by the presence of fungal toxins to prevent fatty acid peroxidation and membrane damage.

Maximum uptake of mycotoxins using E-Guard Plus Fertac in vitro


Ab Guard Plus absorption rate table

Recommended consumption of E-Guard Plus Fartak product

0.5 to 1 kg per ton of feed under preventive conditions
1.5 to 2 kg per ton of feed under conditions involved in mycotoxins


Best time to use: six months
Store in a cool, dry place after production.


Processed bentonite, montmorillonite, sepiolite, diatomaceous earth, mannan oligosaccharide, beta 1 and 6 and beta 1 and 3 diglucan, organic acids, antioxidants, immunogens, phytogenic compounds, plant extracts, anti-inflammatory and medicinal compounds

Package type

25 kg bags

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