Heat resistant probiotics

Today, due to the increase in the capacity of breeding halls, many producers tend to prepare processed feed from factories for easier management of nutrition as well as better performance, but due to special feed processing conditions such as heat and pressure of some feed additives. They lose their properties.

On the other hand, it is impossible or very expensive to add additives to the final product, which is mainly in the form of physical pellets. For this reason, it is necessary for feed producers to offer their final product by preparing special additives that do not reduce their quality in processing conditions.

One of these additives that is highly regarded today and used by almost all leading industrial and semi-industrial farms is probiotics.


What is a probiotic?

Probiotics are living microorganisms that have beneficial effects on the recipient host by improving the microbial balance of the gastrointestinal tract.

Many common probiotics used in bird feed are destroyed by heat treatment and pressure. Therefore, only certain strains of them are able to survive under feed processing conditions such as high ambient temperature and pressure and exert their positive effects on the host after consumption.


Why E-Pro Fartak?

E-Pro Fertac contains Bacillus subtilis strain, which due to its spores, can easily withstand various environmental conditions in terms of temperature, pH and pressure and does not suffer from any drop in quality. Therefore, this strain has been highly regarded by researchers for use in feed mills and extensive studies have been conducted on its survival and quality after the feed preparation process.

The results of this research resulted in the production of probiotics containing Bacillus subtilis strain for livestock and poultry feed mills, which are now widely used in factories.
Important features of Bacillus subtilis bacteria used in E-Pro include the production of trypsin, protease, lipase and amylase enzymes, consumption of ambient oxygen and growth inhibition of pathogenic bacteria and complete resistance to heat used in the feed production process. And finally leads the producer to improve herd performance, reduce mortality, reduce various infections in the intestinal tract, which will result in increased profits from the breeding period.


How does the E-Pro Fartak work?

The use of E-Pro probiotic reduces the depth of the crypt and increases the height of the villi along the small intestine. Willie height, crypt depth and their ratio can be an important indicator of intestinal integrity and function.

Long villi and shallow crypts indicate intestinal integrity and high intestinal absorption capacity, which can guarantee maximum growth performance.

Prevention of intestinal inflammation using E-Pro appears to result from the management of intestinal microbiota, the production of antibacterial mediators, and the inhibition of the infiltration of inflammatory cells through strong intercellular connections.

In fact, E-Pro supplementation reduces the rate of epithelial cell proliferation and tissue circulation in the crypt region, resulting in the expenditure of nutrients and energy on the production and growth of bird muscles.

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