A-shell : A beneficial combination of kelatin minerals

Decreased quality of egg shell and gastrointestinal lining
In industrial breeding conditions, the presence of various stresses including high density, high light duration, vaccination, nutritional deficiencies and diseases reduces herd performance, decreased immune system capacity, reduced egg shell quality and reduced population of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Therefore, supporting the tissue of the gastrointestinal tract is the easiest and best way to achieve the goals of breeders, because the gastrointestinal tract, as the first part of the body where food enters, plays an important role in protecting the health of the body and preventing infection. Has different and modulates the immune system. Another problem that many breeders face is increasing the length of the breeding season and reducing the yield of the herd.

In fact, with the prolongation of the production period and increasing the age of laying poultry, mother and broiler, a decrease in egg shell strength or defects in the skeletal system of birds is clearly observed, which is affected by several factors, including nutritional factors and reduced ability. Mineral uptake is more important due to the reduction of the population of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal surface and the decrease in the quality of intestinal epithelial tissue, especially in older birds. In the meantime – Shell Fartak will be a good solution to solve this problem.


Solution E – Shell Fartak

E – Shell Fartak contains compounds that have a positive effect on increasing the length and number of villi in the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the immune system, improve the quality of the egg shell, increase the strength of the skeletal system of birds and prevent the growth and proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. Beneficially inhabit the surface of the intestine.

Especially in young and old poultry, it increases digestion and absorption of nutrients by increasing the level of intestinal absorption and activity of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, thus improving the general health of the herd and reducing losses and costs of drug use and other Add-ons.


Kelate minerals are a good way to improve the quality of egg shells

The positive effects of organic minerals and chelates on animal performance are mainly due to higher bioavailability than inorganic minerals.

Numerous studies have shown that the combination of copper, zinc, iron and manganese with amino acids and peptides can increase the bioavailability of these minerals, thereby increasing growth rate, improving reproduction, increasing egg shell quality and increasing general health. It becomes a farm animal.

Research has shown that the generalized form with iron-protein is more accessible than inorganic forms of iron in animal and poultry feed.


Benefits E – Shell Fartak

Prevent necrotic enteritis
• Increase hatching rate in mother hens
• Reduced observation of lameness and prosthesis in the herd
• Provide minerals and trace elements that affect the quality of the eggshell
• Improve intestinal villi and increase intestinal absorption of minerals and other nutrients
• Reduce the cost of using other additives such as probiotics and prebiotics
• Strengthen the immune system by increasing the level of immunoglobulins
Quick and easy access to nutrients, especially in laying hens and elderly flocks


Recommended consumption of E-Shell

2 kg per ton of feed



Best time to use: one year after production
Store in a cool, dry place



Kelate minerals include organic selenium, organic copper, organic zinc, organic manganese, organic chromium, and organic iron and calcium.
Package type
25 kg bags


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