A-bind pellet binder

One of the most important goals of pelletizing animal, poultry and aquatic feed is to reduce feed loss during transportation, storage and consumption. Also, uniform nutrition of the diet and prevention of selective consumption are among the most important goals of the pelleting process. But achieving what has been said requires that the physical structure of the pellet be maintained until consumption. Feed abrasion occurs significantly during packaging, loading, unloading, movement in feed transfer lines to feed or entering the feed mixer and consumption by birds or livestock.

The secret of success against what has been said is to increase the resistance of the pellet by using a suitable binder pellet.

Why A-bind pellet binder?

Sepehr makian Fartak Livestock and Poultry Feed Additives Production Company is proud to accompany you, livestock, poultry and aquatic feed producers with new and different products to make the production pellet as high quality as possible. Disadvantages of mineral pellet binders such as bentonite that are used in the livestock and poultry feed industry today include increased depreciation, energy consumption and closing of die holes. Also in terms of final product performance, there are ambiguities about the negative effect of bentonite on palatability and digestibility of micronutrients.


Benefits of A-binding

Contains natural nutrients and does not pose any biohazard to livestock, poultry and aquatic animals.

Helps to absorb more moisture in the conditioning process and thus better product quality.

Reduction of depreciation, energy consumption and closing of die holes in the pelleting process.

Compatible with other components of the diet and has no negative effect on their digestion and absorption.

Low consumption and open diet space for other nutrients.

Improve performance, conversion ratio and uniformity of consumer flocks.

Increase the consistency and strength of the pellet structure against physical damage.

Contains calculable amounts of energy and protein.

Mix well in a mixer.

Reduce the amount of dust.

Sepehrmakian Fartak; Leading in research and technology
Many researches carried out by the research and development department of Sepehrmakian Fartak Additives Company, assure us that we offer quality and effective products to feed, poultry and aquatic feed producers.

In a study aimed at investigating the addition of A-bind to the feed of laying hens and the physical characteristics of the produced pellets, it was observed that the addition of A-bind binder pellets increased the pellet consistency index (PDI) and hardness ( Hardness) is produced by pellet product.

Increase feed intake, decrease feed separation, increase uniformity and production performance of birds consuming E-binding diets.

In another study conducted in collaboration with Isfahan University of Technology on the effect of mill mesh size levels, increased humidity, fat content and the use of E-bind in the formulation of a feed produced by a feed mill, it was observed that the Fertak binder pellet surface (A-bind) had the greatest impact on the PDI index. So that for every 2 kg of e-binding added to the initial formula, this index increased by about 4 units.

Consumption recommendation:
Poultry feed: 1 to 2 kg per ton of feed

Livestock feed: 2 to 4 kg per ton of feed

Aquatic feed 5 to 6 kg per ton of feed

Corn starch, wheat gluten, guar gum, natural and industrial resins

Package type
25 kg bags

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