Fertak Feed Disinfectant (A-Clean)

Feed disinfectant or E. coli Fertak is added to poultry feed as an additive or supplement.


Antiseptic effect of A-Clean feed on Salmonella bacteria

Salmonellosis caused by Salmonella is one of the most important bacterial diseases in the poultry industry worldwide. Salmonella species cause asymptomatic intestinal infections in birds. Given the widespread prevalence of Salmonella and its long-term survival, control strategies for this disease should be considered. In feed mills, three strategies are proposed to prevent reproduction, inhibit growth and eliminate bacteria. The latest method of controlling Salmonella is to use a mixture of organic acids, plant essential oils and formaldehyde.


Advantages of using A-Clean feed disinfectant

Livestock, poultry and aquatic feed disinfectant

Reducing the death toll from viral infections such as Newcastle disease, influenza, bronchitis and

Control and reduction of microbial, fungal, viral infections and reduction of infectious diseases in the herd

Control the amount of TVN fish powder and meat powder

Reducing the Complications of Abortion and Reproductive Disorders Due to Mycotoxicosis in Livestock

Disinfection of lines and equipment of livestock and poultry feed factories and raw material storage silos

Increased feed digestibility due to the presence of organic acids

Reduce the cost of treatment and medication

Easy to use and no damage to equipment and feed transmission lines in the factory and farm


Contraindications to the use of feed disinfectants
The A-Clean feed disinfectant has no drug interactions with the recommended dose of 1 to 2 kg / tonne with other encapsulated protected feed components such as propiotics and enzymes. In addition, this product is heat resistant.

Formaldehyde is now used to reduce the amount of Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria in animal and poultry feed. Potential formaldehyde cellular targets include bacterial spores, bacterial pathogens, and fungal amino groups of fungi formed by irreversible binding to RNA and DNA in pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the feed.

Recommended consumption of A-Clean product

Prevention conditions: 1 to 2 kg per ton of feed

At the time of viral and bacterial disease outbreak: 2 to 4 kg per ton of feed

Disinfection of feed and supplement production lines: Premix 0.5% A-Clean

Disinfection of meat powder and fish powder: 5 kg per ton of product

Close the bag lid after consumption.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Organic acid

Plant extracts and essential oils

Package type
25 kg bags

Avoid direct contact with skin, mucous membranes and eyes during use and be sure to use gloves and glasses while using.

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