Participation in research projects

Supporting research work and dealing with modern science in the field of livestock and poultry feed additives has been one of the priorities and missions of Sepehr Makian Fartak Company since its establishment until now. Therefore, we in Sepehr Makian Fartak Company have taken many measures in this direction by supporting theses and research projects.
If you are also a student and need support to complete your dissertation, Fartak is ready to work with you. This cooperation is in the form of financial support packages or in the establishment of poultry feed facilities and laboratories.
Meanwhile, skilled poultry nutrition experts in the research and development department of Fartak Company are ready to solve the problems and difficulties in your research projects with the most accurate scientific advice.
Therefore, you, the enthusiasts, students and activists of the poultry nutrition industry, are invited to fill in the profile form below to provide our consultants with ways to communicate with you.

In the hope of the pride of Iran and the great agricultural family

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