Farid Vahedi - فرید واحدی

Farid Vahedi

Content specialist

I am Farid Vahedi and I’ve been working as a content marketing manager for Sepehr Makian Fartak. Content specialists create #content_strategies, #research_trending _topics, and generate #content.

I typically work as a freelancer. This profession, involves decent writing and proofreading skills, as well as experience in #search_engine_optimization (#SEO). On top of that, it is highly desirable to have experience in the industry and feel comfortable performing background research on relevant industry trends and changes.

Content Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

• #Create_content for our digital site and #social_media platforms

• Perform background research as needed

• Assist with proofreading or editing other content before publishing

• Follow brand and style guidelines

• Adhere to all submission deadlines

 Visit my personal website: RESELLA MEDIA