Animal gastrointestinal health

The gastrointestinal tract is the boundary between the internal and external environment of the animal body. It is important to pay attention to it in farmed poultry because it is responsible for receiving, digesting and absorbing nutrients as well as preventing pathogens from entering the body. Today, farmed poultry have a much more active and sensitive digestive system due to extensive genetic breeding and intensive nutrition, which if not paying attention to its health, tangible and intangible harmful effects will enter the production activity. Therefore, optimal gastrointestinal function will be the key to improving feed efficiency, growth and production, and thus increasing your profitability in poultry farming.

Breeding without antibiotics

Antibiotics have been used in the past to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria such as rotaviruses, Escherichia coli, Salmonella species and Clostridium, which cause gastrointestinal infections. But the dangers of using antibiotics due to their residues in protein products will reduce the increasing marketability of products obtained using antibiotics. Therefore, going through a successful period of raising poultry without antibiotics requires the use of natural alternatives to antibiotics. To achieve this goal, we must pay attention to two important parts of this collection; Intestinal tissue and microorganisms located on it!

A-CID instead of antibiotics

E- Fartak contains formic acid, citric acid, propionic acid and acetic acid along with their salts, which adding it to the daily diet of poultry will help you to present healthy products to the consumer market while being profitable. Read more (link) here for more information and preparation.

O Pro to protect the gastrointestinal tract
E Pro Fertac contains beneficial bacterial species to prevent inflammation and the growth of harmful bacteria on the outer tissue of the intestine, which will provide you with good health, conversion ratio and profitability. Read here (link) for more information and preparation of E-Pro.

E Pro-Plus for quality production

E-Pro Plus Fartak, in addition to beneficial bacterial leaves containing chelate minerals, includes organic selenium, organic copper, organic zinc, organic manganese, organic chromium and organic iron, which improve immune function, further muscle and skeletal growth, improve laying performance and upgrade. The hatching rate will be in the mother herds. [:]

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