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Fartak’s unofficial activity was started in 2016 (1395) through stepping into the field of distributing the livestock and poultry feed additives. Through the shortest time possible, the company was able to expand its network of representatives all around the country. Alongside this accomplishment, and livestock and poultry industry’s need in high-quality feed additives, Fartak’s agenda was set to enter the field of producing aforementioned items. As a result of that, in 2017 (1396) the company started its official activities by registering the Sepehr Fartak Poultry Company.

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Poultry Products' Quality Improvement

Improving the quality of poultry products and optimizing livestock, poultry, and aquaculture feed with the aim of enhancing the quality of final products such as better egg production and higher fat content in milk production are among the important objectives of livestock and poultry feed producers. At Fartak, we have reached practical solutions in this regard.

Feed Biosecurity

The level of mycotoxins or fungal toxins in Iranian farms is currently one of the significant challenges facing the agricultural industry. Each year, a considerable amount of the country’s agricultural produce is rendered unusable due to contamination with these toxins. The use of such fodder in livestock and poultry feed, and the presence of these toxins in their products, can be perceived as a significant threat to public health. At Fartak, we have devised practical solutions to tackle this issue.

Gastrointestinal Health of Animals

The gastrointestinal system serves as the boundary between the internal and external environment of an animal’s body, with its primary function being to meet the animal’s needs and ultimately sustain its life. Alongside maintaining the animal’s health, the gastrointestinal system can play a very important role in their productivity. At Fartak, we have devised specific practical solutions to enhance the gastrointestinal health of livestock and poultry.

Collaborating scientific and research centers

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Sepehr Makian Fartak
Sepehr Makian Fartak
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